It’s no accident that the majority of our growth occurs in the most uncomfortable or even unbearable situations. When we are comfortable, we have no need to grow or change. We are comfortable. It is in the undesirable circumstances , the storms that seem to be doorways to growth  . . . however long it takes for us to walk through it is up to us. We can fight it; but ultimately that change must take place . . . either that or we grow old standing in the doorway, but never walking through.

Life is a series of these doorways . . . doorways that build character, integrity, stability, endurance, perserverance, wisdom . . .  Now, I don’t know if I will ever actually desire or long for these doorways to growth and change; but if that is what it takes to stretch and grow me, so be it! As easy as it is to forget when you’re in the storm, I know I am not in this process alone. One of many things that connect all of us are undesirable circumstances. Let’s celebrate these moments. And if you happen to be standing at the doorway of something tough, walk through it. You’re not alone and you’ll turn out better on the other side.

James Chapter 1