I try to chase after the result versus the means to often. I want to be viewed as a person of influence; but am I willing to discipline myself enough to become that person I am in my mind? I want to have a clean house; but am willing to put the clothes away even when I’m tired. I want to have well-behaved children; but I am willing to invest into them even when I have had a rough day at work? Sure, I can act as though I have it all together; but what’s that worth? How long does that last? Maybe until the next time I get angry and speak harshly to my children or treat my wife outside of how I need to treat her? What’s on the inside of my cup? The outside may seem clean; but if you pulled it out of the dish cabinet would it be clean enough to use? Ready to be used? I know I do not think on these things alone. Everyday we struggle between our desires and His.

God, surface the areas in my life that are still dirty. Give me the humility to allow them to be seen in order that You can remove the mess. Thank you God for loving us even though there is nothing we can keep hidden from You.

Matthew 23:26 “Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be clean.”