So over the last 5 years I have been involved in this thing that our culture calls “management”. The last few weeks have been more difficult than usual.

Let me share with you a few things (18 for now) that, if applied, will guarantee you success in whatever field you work in.

1 ) Show up to your shift 5 minutes early ready to work.

2 ) Do not bring your boss problems. Be a problem solver.

3 ) Because of the poor work ethic a lot of this generation has, it truly does not take much to set yourself a part from everyone else. Work faster, harder, cleaner and you will be better than those you work with.

4 ) No matter what you do, there is always something that to be done. Keep fine tuning your eyes to see how you can make your work environment better.

5 ) Never, ever, ever complain about your boss, customers, or other co-workers. You will actually make your situation worse.

6 ) When you’re called in, cover the shift. There will be a time when you might need a shift covered.

7 ) When you’re truly sick, stay home. You aren’t doing anyone any favors when you come in unable to do your 100%. Give ample notice and even have some ideas on how to cover your shift.

8 ) Ask your boss for feedback and be ready to receive what he/she has to say.

9 ) Do your 100% and more. Know that your boss notices you going above and beyond.

10 ) Be a forward thinker. Never settle with where you are. Keep learning, growing and improving yourself.

11 ) When it’s time to move on, give your 2 weeks notice and be 100% present until your time is up. Don’t be “checked out” before it’s time. Finish well.

12 ) Smile. You’d be surprised how many people miss this point.

13 ) In every industry, you can exhibit the best customer service. Ask yourself, “Who is my customer?”

14 ) You have an opportunity to impact your boss, customers, and co-workers. Take advantage of that and make a difference.

15 ) Work as if your working for God Himself.

16 ) Be the one who stops the gossip. Even if you don’t respond, just listening sometimes indicates support of such talk.

17 ) When you see others not demonstrating quality work, encourage them in a polite and professional way.

18 ) Don’t take yourself to seriously. Pride will prevent you from learning and growing.

Just a few of many thoughts I have had in the last 5 years.

– K