I am feeling so blessed by the community of people that have been involved in my life.

My co-workers (past and present), churches (past and current), everyone of my facebook friends, and families members (immediate and distant).

The last few days have been more difficult than usual. Granted, raising four kids, being a salaried manager, and striving to be Godly in every aspect of my life isn’t the easiest path to choose; but it is certainly rewarding. Top that off with a sickness that has visited the Merced house the last few days, makes for a great “rubber meets the road” opportunity.

Knowing that I have friends, family, co-worker, and everyone in between thinking and praying for our family makes it so much easier to get through the not-so-easy times in life. It also makes the good times even greater.

God has designed us to live in connection with each other. From the very beginning He expressed that it was not good for man to be alone. I believe that applies to all of us.

We all have great day and good days, blah days and bad days, terrible days and tragic days. Rather than withdrawal . . . reach out.

Live connected and in community as the Designer designed it! If you are reading this, THANK YOU for being a part of our lives. We do not take for granted the blessing it is to know you and be a part of His ever present story.

– K