I posted this a great while back. It’s worth a second look. A good friend of mine (who happens to be a fantastic writer) wrote this . . .


       We need to talk. After hearing the things you have said, we need to get some things straight. The Church has never been perfect. Call me crazy, but I think her incompleteness is one of her most attractive features if not her best. In the beginning I did find her shortcomings to be pretty annoying and even unpleasant. Looking at her past, it was an identity crisis of sorts. I do not think she had any idea of who she was. She was very insecure. Even now, there are times when she slips up and allows those loathsome lies to get the best of her. Those days are not her greatest, but eventually she finds herself. During those dark days she needs a little help recognizing her own beauty. Whispering softly into her ear I tell her how proud I am of her and how beautiful she is. I remind her that as much as she tries no one is perfect, that it is an impossible standard and that I do not expect her to be anyone but herself, that is the beautiful, mysterious being created by God. Other days, I do not even need to tell her how well she is doing. She knows and I know, but still I let her know I am proud.

       Truth be told, as great as she is and as much as I love her, sometimes I fear for her future. This world can be so cruel. Freely criticism is given without even the slightest of afterthought. Often you can hear the feint whispers as people slander her behind her back. Venomous gossip and malicious hatred are relentlessly hurled her way. I pray for her safety. Many will want to hurt her or worse use her for their own sick desires and some may succeed. At times she is so innocent and I hope that her innocence will stay longer than most, but this world will leave its scars. She will have her battles. There will be difficult struggles. I just pray she will not give in and give herself away. But she will make her mistakes and she will learn.

       In the end, she will make it. No matter what she goes through, no matter how much she endures, she will grow into the beautiful woman she was created to be. I believe in her and from the looks of it, I am not the only one who believes in her. There is this particular young man who will not leave her side and the way he looks at her…I know there will be a wedding soon.

-Will Simmons